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Design professionals recommend Fiber-Seal for the following reasons:

Fiber-Seal partners with designers to create satisfied clients by teaching them how to care for their beautiful new interiors.
Fiber-Seal is a one-stop fabric resource. We test your clients' fabrics for colorfastness, cleanability, and suitability for use, making the fiber selection process more risk-free to the designer & client.
Fiber-Seal can field fabric questions from clients, allowing designers to spend more time on the design process.
Fiber-Seal creates referral business for designers. Clean, spot-free interiors make a great impression on those who are searching for an interior designer.

How we work with designers

It’s simple. We don’t ask you to recommend us or guarantee our work. We simply ask that you mention Fiber-Seal to each of your clients’ AND THEN TELL US! We will take it from there.

We will make an appointment at the convenience of your residential or commercial client, evaluate the best ways to care for their furnishings, and explain our customized fabric treatment products and our complimentary service policy for spot and spill emergencies. We will offer a no-obligation estimate once we establish their needs, concerns and how we can help them.

Continuing education

Part of our commitment to design professionals is to stay current on trends in fibers, fabrics, carpeting and rugs. 

To help you stay up to date, we offer fabric-related publications on the Fiber-Seal corporate website.

In addition, to better educate you on caring for soft surfaces, Fiber-Seal Systems regularly conducts complimentary CEU webinars or in-person CEU courses about “Hard Facts About Soft Surfaces.” Other topics are currently under development and will be available soon.

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